Glassy eyed on fabulous characters...

The Monte Dragone’s Dolls.

At the Dragone mountain’s slopes, sweat by the warm fog of th Garza’s stream valley, about thirty years ago, a particular workshop, appeared.
In this valley, surrounded by a large number of paper and iron industries, this venture looked like dropped in from another world.
A world where the visionary and the fantasy still keep dignity and significance in a daily life threaten by interfering technology and frantic pace.
That’s how these dolls were created by the Nadir and Stefania’s skillful hands:
never minding at what at the beginning seemed more a play than a job and that then turned into a binding fair business.

Dolls, fairy and goblins, they’re all characters that evoke a spellbound world known in everybody's childhood, and then forgotten. Lost.

Here is the magic of these works: the power to put us in contact immediately with the infancy, with its dreams and its innocence. At once.

Working in this field allows us to settle special relationships with our customers. They easily become friends and they share with us how they back to their childhood while in front of our characters and dolls. They still reveal their wanting of playing and be amazed again. They tell this at the workshop, where now the business is so grown by to have involved other people.
And they tell us even about the challenge of keeping longing certain values as the full handcraft production, the respect for nature, the continuous research for quality improvements, in order to resist to a market that offer cheap overseas products which do no respects any environmental neither workers’ welfare standards.
Nowadays the “Made in Italy” isn’t just a logo. It is concerning very important ethical and environmental issues.
The accuracy in which each doll and character is created, perceivable at first sight,
speak about these values.
As the goodwill message that come together with any goblin says, the true magic of these “objects”, while in our hands, is the power of bringing us back to emotions and memories, “even because to find again serenity and peace is the best wish we can address to all of you”.