Asphodel - sitting
  • Asphodel - sitting
  • Asphodel - sitting
  • Asphodel - sitting
  • Asphodel - sitting

Asphodel - sitting


Porcelain fairy


Asphodel is a fairy from the series of flowers, she is sitting, with a body entirely in porcelain, about 22 cm high (height calculated considering the legs folded, if stretched it reaches about 33 cm).

She has a taffeta dress in shades of Venetian green/blue and a skirt and hat in the shape of flower petals. It is finished with braids of long silver hair, coir, flowers and bells.

It takes its beautiful name from the Asphodelus flower, a flower that loves sunny meadows and is widespread throughout the Mediterranean area, but extends as far as China. In Ancient Greece, it was associated with chthonic deities related to the depths of the earth, such as Hecate, Hades, Persephone, Dionysus and Semele. It was one of the flowers in Hecate's underground garden, from which Circe also gathered her herbs. The asphodel meadows also represented the area of the Underworld intended for those who had been neither good nor bad.

Amarilli, Altea, Ninfea and Salcerella are part of the same series.

NB: it is a handmade product, entirely handmade. The photo must be considered purely indicative, since each piece is subject to slight modifications (fabrics and finishes), which however do not alter its peculiar characteristics, increasing its value.

Please specify any special requests (concerning the color of the dress or hair) when ordering.

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22 cm.
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