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Porcelain elf


Elf dressed in a jersey and velvet dress, finished with coconut fiber, wooden buttons, sticks and garlic.

In Ancient Greece, garlic was associated with the deity Hecate, goddess of magic, spirits and the dead, of the moon, protector of crossroads and wayfarers. A similar meaning can be found in Ancient Egypt (Sokar). In popular culture, garlic is attributed virtues and powers against witches, vampires and demons, most likely due to its antibacterial properties as these spirits were considered parasites.

NB: it is a handmade product, entirely handmade. The photo must be considered purely indicative, since each piece is subject to slight modifications (fabrics and finishes), which however do not alter its peculiar characteristics, increasing its value.

Please specify any special requests (concerning the color of the dress or hair) when ordering.

Data sheet

16/24 cm.
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